Snapchat Emoji Meanings

Users who use Snapchat at least every so often will have realised that emoji faces can sometimes appear besides your friends’ names. If you’ve seen this it probably has made you wonder what on earth they mean. These emojis have many different meanings and can sometimes be confusing for the average person. We, at Snapchat Emoji Meanings have decided to dedicate our time to making these features easier to understand and use. Below is a table explaining the meaning of every possible emoji on your friends list.

Friend list emojis

Smiling faceThis person is one of your best friends. You send them quite a lot of snaps. They are not your top best friend.
Smirking face emojiThis face is showing that you are a best friend of this person but they are not a best friend of yours.
SunglassesThis emoji means that you share a best friend with this person.
Grimacing faceYou share the same number one best friend as this friend. You both snap the same person a lot!
gold heart emojiThis heart shows that both of you are number one best friends with each other. You both send most of your snaps to each other.
red heart emojiThis heart means that you have both been number one best friends with each other for 14 days in a row.
pink heart emojiThese hearts mean that you have both been number one best friends with each other for 60 days in a row.
gold starThis star is showing that this persons snaps have been replayed in the past day.
babyThis person is a new friend on your list.
fireYou have snapped each other every day for a consecutive number of days (increases with the days) This is called a Snapstreak.
100You have snapped each other everyday for 100 days in a row, this is a 100-day Snapstreak.
hourglassThis emoji is showing that your Snapstreak is about to end.
birthday cakeThis emoji appears next to your friends name on their birthday.

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For those of you who have been using Snapchat for a long time you may remember that Snapchat once had a feature which publicly displayed your best friends. In January 2015 this feature was taken away due to privacy concerns from high profile individuals. However, they announced that the best friends feature was due to return and it did. In April 2015 the best friends feature returned as Friends Emojis and it’s been the same since then. This feature is slightly different as it is not public like the old one, they are only for you to see. This has been great but it has resulted in a lot of users confused, searching for the meanings of these emojis. Fortunately, it can all be found here.

All of these emojis are used as symbols to represent the relationship you have with your friends. Knowing what these mean can help you to understand your friends better. They are only temporary, they may disappear if you stop sending your friends Snaps and may change due to your Snap habits. Keep Snapping if you want to keep that streak!