Taylor Swift Goes Back to Football, Melts Erin Andrews’ Brain With a Jacket

Erin Andrews may have powers the likes of which we’ve never seen before. The sports journalist has been rooting for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce for months, posting a video on Instagram in August urging “my imaginary best friend Taylor Swift” to “go on a date with our real friend” Kelce. Now, not only has that reportedly happened, but Swift did so while wearing a jacket that Andrews designed. 

Swift returned to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City Thursday evening to watch her rumored boyfriend take on the Denver Broncos, marking the third time she’s cheered on the Chiefs. She again sat next to Travis’s mom, Donna Kelce, in a nice suite, and again lost her mind when Kelce did good football things, hugging it out with Brittany Mahomes, wife of quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

She wore a red Kansas City Chiefs windbreaker over a black dress, inching ever closer to wearing your boyfriend’s letterman jacket as you look on from the stands, but it wasn’t just any jacket but part of a throwback-inspired collection designed by Andrews. (Anyone planning on going as October 12 Taylor for Halloween, apologies, it’s already sold out.)

“I’M CRYING HAPPY TEARS,” Andrews wrote on an Instagram Story over a video of Swift wearing the jacket as she entered the stadium.

After Swift’s first appearance at a game, Andrews told Variety that she’d sent Swift some of the products from her WEAR line.

“I hope to God she puts something on that we have that we’ve sent,” she said. “Her fans, they’re so powerful. They just want to get close to whatever she’s associated with. I find it fascinating.”

She also praised Swift for drawing fans, including the sought-after female audience, to watch football: “She put a spotlight on the sport. Let’s embrace it.”

Prayers: Answered.

It’s not just jackets that Andrews is manifesting. As co-host of the Calm Down podcast, Andrews has made no secret of her Swiftie status. She posted a video of herself after Swift’s first Chiefs game wearing a shirt printed with a photo of Swift in Kelce’s suite and described melting down when she spotted her, and asked Patrick Mahomes in a post-game interview about the impact that Swift’s presence may have had at that first game.

But back in August, Andrews posted a video addressed to her “imaginary best friend Taylor Swift,” urging her to “please try our friend Travis. He is fantastic.”

“Do it for America,” she said.

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Kelce, of course, made no secret in the past that he had shot his shot with Swift, attempting to give her his number in the form of a friendship bracelet when he attended the singer’s Eras Tour stop in Kansas City, to no success.

But that was then, and this is now, and jackets don’t lie.

Swift, of course, has a lot going on at the moment, beyond her newfound football superfan status. Her Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour concert film is in the midst of its opening weekend, she touched Beyoncé‘s arm recently, and she’s been hanging out with Sophie Turner in the midst of the actor’s divorce from Joe Jonas.

The Chiefs won Thursday, by the way. The other team was from Denver.

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