Spanish Duke Gives Daughter a Name So Long, It’s Illegal

What’s in a name? Quite a bit, if you’re the newest daughter of Fernando Fitz-James Stuart of Spain and wife Sofía Palazuelo.

The baby girl in question is the younger daughter of the 17th Duke of Huéscar, and she was born in January. Earlier this month, her full name was revealed at her christening ceremony, according to El Pais: Sofía Fernanda Dolores Cayetana Teresa Ángela de la Cruz Micaela del Santísimo Sacramento del Perpetuo Socorro de la Santísima Trinidad y de Todos Los Santos.

It’s too long, according to local law.

According to a translation by People, the law on names in Boletín Oficial del Estado states that “In the registration, the name given to the child will be expressed, although no more than one compound name may be recorded, nor more than two simple ones.”

The little baby and her big name are in honor of Fernando’s late grandmother, the Duchess of Alba, who was the most-titled person in the world when she died in 2014. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, she held 57 titles through heritage and marriage: “She is 14 times a Spanish grandee, 5 times a duchess, once a countess-duchess, 18 times a marchioness, 18 times a countess and once a viscountess.”

The couple has one other daughter, 2-year-old Rosario Matilde Sofía Cayetana Dolores Teresa.

The couple wed in 2018 and welcomed their first daughter in 2021. The toddler Rosario is expected to one day inherit the title of Duchess of Alba, and her father, Fernando, is set to inherit 50 titles from his father when he is eventually named Duke of Alba.

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