Prince George Demonstrates His Royally Firm Handshake

Even though Prince George is only 10 years old, he appears to already have a firm grip on his royal duties.

The eldest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton stepped out with his father on October 14, heading to France to support Wales in the Rugby World Cup Quarterfinals. Prince William currently holds the title of Prince of Wales, and it’s a role George will likely inherit someday.

Being born into the monarchy, in some ways, George has been training for this job his entire life. In video captured at the rugby event earlier this month, however, it’s clear just how much the young prince has already learned about how to carry and comport himself.

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In a video taken at a meet and greet for the event and shared to TikTok, Prince William allows his son to step forward and shake hands with a fellow attendee first, giving him a chance to lead the encounter.

Over the summer, around George’s 10th birthday, the parents of the future monarch started to prepare their eldest son for his public-facing role a bit more seriously. William and Kate “are making George aware in the best way they can,” an unnamed insider told People this summer. “And not making it too burdensome.”

Prince George is currently second in the line of succession for the throne, behind his father. His younger sister, Charlotte, is third, Louis is fourth, and Prince Harry is fifth.

“William and Kate are doing the right thing, protecting him so he can have as normal a childhood as possible, but he’s also dipping into duties as a future monarch,” another insider told People. “He’s getting firsthand experience of what it’s like to be a royal and a monarch and firsthand experience of being a normal boy.”

George served as a pageboy during his grandfather King Charles III’s coronation.

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