Keke Palmer’s Mom Speaks Out Amid Darius Jackson Abuse Claims

After Keke Palmer filed for a temporary restraining order against her ex Darius Jackson on Thursday, her mother, Sharon Palmer, spoke out against Jackson and his brother, actor Sarunas Jackson, who starred in Insecure. 

Sarunas tweeted (and then deleted) a post seemingly disparaging his brother.

“The most disgusting, vile, abusive, manipulative person I have EVER encountered in my entire life.. Abuses almost everyone. Y’all will see,” Sarunas wrote. “Just send positive energy to the babies.. Any child in the middle of something like this does not deserve it AT ALL. Wow. So damn sad.”

On Thursday, Sharon posted a video on Instagram, claiming she had spoken to Sarunas about his brother more than a year ago.

“For Sarunas Jackson to post on his Twitter the ridiculous stuff that he’s posted, when he knew his brother was abusive…” she said to camera. “I went to Sarunas over a year ago,” she claimed in the video, “and told him that his brother was abusive to my daughter, and he said, ‘Well, I used to be like that too.’”

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Sharon continued, “So now he’s posting on Twitter like he’s this special guy, when we know he’s the biggest fuckboy in Hollywood; he’s disrespectful to women just like his little brother.” Sarunas, she alleged, “taught his brother how to be abusive. So he don’t get to act like he’s this special guy. No. You’re a fuckboy, and you’re part of the problem.”

In the post’s caption, Sharon wrote, “I dare you , mess with my family. family means everything to me ! you and your family act like sociopaths and like the world can’t see it. you are phony ! and i saw you from day one , my daughter is kind and our family treated you with kindness and this is how you treat it. i won’t take this laying down anymore IM DONE !” (Vanity Fair has reached out to Keke Palmer for comment.)

Sarunas posted a denial in the comments of a Shade Room post on Instagram. “I NEVER ONCE SAID THAT to Sharon,” he wrote. “NOT ONCE IN MY LIFE. I have NEVER been abusive to any of the women I ever been involved with. I’m not going to keep on with this circus. But Sharon, the world is about to hear YOUR VOICE. Very soon. And the threats you made to my family.” (Vanity Fair has reached out to Sarunas and Darius Jackson for comment.)

Palmer’s Thursday filing accused Darius of several incidents of domestic violence, some of which she alleged were captured on her home security camera. A judge granted Palmer the temporary restraining order on Friday and temporary sole custody of her son with Darius, Leodis.

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