Kate Middleton and Prince William Show Off Their Competitive Sides

On a Thursday visit to one of England’s national sports centers, Prince William and Kate Middleton got a chance to show off their competitive sides. In a workshop about mental fitness organized by SportsAid, a charity that helps young athletes who are aspiring Olympians or Paralympians, the royal couple had to race against the clock as they took shots at a netball hoop. Kate has plenty of netball experience—she was a player in high school—but she struggled when her husband stood in front of the hoop and tried to distract her.

The couple visited the Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre in Berkshire to continue spreading the message of World Mental Health Day, after the charity published a survey finding that nearly a third of young athletes feel like they don’t have enough access to mental health resources. William and Kate were joined by two SportsAid ambassadors, Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds and Commonwealth champion netball player Ama Agbeze. 

Later, the pair learned about goalball, a paralympic sport for visually impaired athletes, and put on blindfolds to join in a demonstration with a few representatives from the country’s national team. SportsAid later posted a social media video that showed the princess learning how to use the sound from a bell inside the ball to help her navigate without her sight.

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According to the Telegraph, Kate was able to get the ball past the goalie during a shoot-out, but William didn’t score a point. “It’s really hard, so disorientating,” William said afterward. “I imagine it’s a fun game though.”

In a conversation with young athletes, Kate explained the broader importance of the day’s lessons. “Being able to handle the setbacks is so important,” she said. “An important message for youngsters is that this growth mindset is so important for all the different challenges they face.”

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