Chris Evans Finally Admits He’s Off The Market

In news that shouldn’t actually surprise anyone, Marvel-famous actor Chris Evans announced that he married Alba Baptista in September, over a month after multiple outlets — citing anonymous sources — reported on the nuptials. 

The 42-year-old Massachusetts resident, who was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2022, reportedly met the 26-year-old Portuguese Warrior Nun star in 2021, and the pair appeared to start dating soon after

Evans would occasionally share photos of the couple on his now-deactivated Instagram account. Still, the pair were pretty private about their relationship—but in early September, when his Marvel co-stars were spotted dining together in Boston, the nuptial jig appeared to be up. The stars had assembled to attend their private Cape Cod wedding, People reported at the time, with Evans and Baptista requiring NDAs and confiscating cell phones, a Page Six source said.

The newly-married duo jetted off to Portugal, where they reportedly ran into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as one does. But neither Baptista nor Evans have officially said, “Oh, yeah, we’re married” until Saturday.

Evans has been working hard to separate himself from his Captain America alter ego, but it appears he still has some funny papers obligations. A so-called guest of honor at this weekend’s New York Comic Con, the “biggest comic and pop culture event on the East Coast,” his schedule was notably grueling, with five scheduled photo ops, two autograph sessions, and “A Spotlight on Chris Evans,” a 30-minute, one-man “panel” where Evans talked about his life, aspirations, and—at long last—his wedding. In fact, his weddings, plural.

“We kinda had two ceremonies,” Evans said, per ET. “We had one on the East Coast. We did one in Portugal. My wife’s Portuguese.” 

“It’s a lot, planning a wedding. For those of you who are married, you know it takes a lot out of you,” People quotes him as saying. “Now that we’re through that, we’ve just kinda been enjoying life, gearing up for autumn, my favorite season. It’s, like, the best time of year right now. Now we’re just relaxing and enjoying life and reflecting,” Evans said.

But once the leaves fall and Evans loses interest in hayrides or orchards or whatever else it is people in Massachusetts do to really get into the fall spirit (corn mazes are just a Midwestern thing, right?), the Snowpiercer star plans on turning his eye not to a snowblower—but to the theater.

“I’m looking (for a play),” Deadline quotes Evans as saying. “I’d love to actually try and find something next year, but it’s tough because you find something that you are kind of into that could be cool but like I said, once you’re in it, you are in it.”

A play, Evans said, “usually runs three, four or five months. So, it’s got to be something that you don’t just love, but it’s got to be something that you’re ready to explore from different angles every single night for a very long time.” Well, Chris, that sounds an awful lot like marriage, so given the leap you just took (and the commitment you just got out of), it might make sense to wait.

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